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Common Interview Questions

If you've put together a resume that helps you to stand out against other applicants, you may be one of the lucky ones to be called in for an interview. This interview is designed to let the employers get to know you, to get an insight into how you will work within the company and should serve as an opportunity for you to sell yourself. Every interview will be conducted in a different manner based on the specific company and the person interviewing you, but the same basic questions will often arise in most interviews. Knowing what those questions are could help you be better prepared to answer them and make a greater impression.

Questions About Yourself

A prospective employer will want to get to know you as a worker, to get an idea of how you will fit into their structure of business. Most employers will ask you to tell them a little bit about yourself. Don't make a mistake and go into personal details about your life; that is not what employers are interested in. Use this opportunity instead to sell yourself, your strengths and your personality all within the context of the job that you are applying for.

They may also ask you to explain what some of your weaknesses are as a worker. This question can serve as a double edged sword. You need to give an honest answer so they will see that you are telling the truth, but you will not want to make yourself look bad. The key to answering a question like this is to turn a weakness into a strength, usually by explaining how your weakness makes you work harder and perform at a better level.

Questions About Your Ambitions

Any employer will want to know why you have applied for a job with their company. Even though the truth may be that it offers great pay, you will need to offer more than this to secure the job. You need to demonstrate everything you know about this company as well as describe how you will be able to fit in there. The more that you can show what you know about their company, the more you will seem like a better fit.

Many employers will also want to know what your goals are in the future, whether it is one year, five years, or ten years into the future. Ideally, you will answer this question in relation to the job or the company you are applying for. No one wants to hire someone, who plans on retiring soon, so you should take steps to answer this question in relation to your goals for advancing in the company itself.

Questions About How You Fit Into The Company’s Goals

Nearly every job interview will additionally ask you why the company should hire you. This is the portion, where you need to make yourself stand out as a wise choice. Find a quality about yourself, which others are unlikely to state and explain why this is a strength that will set you apart from all of the other applicants. Use this as a chance to really sell yourself and that will give you the greatest opportunity of making a strong impression during your job interview.

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